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Welcome to BulldogCMS Codeplex wiki

There are many open source CMS systems on the internet, but none of them is comparable to commercial ones is case of simplicity, documentation and scalability as well as in UX in content manager. This is main reason while we created BulldogCMS to fill gap and offer new grade in open source CMS systems.

ASP.NET MVC inside

BulldogCMS runs completely on MVC framework and complies to MVC philosophy.

Wide storage support

All content is stored in content tree with support for various document and well as relational databases.

NuGet integration

BulldogCMS is designed to be simply updatable using amazing NuGet system. BulldogCMS consists of the one all libarary for core functionality (BulldogCMS.Core) and CMS manager utility (BulldogCMS.Manager) and both files are distributed using NuGet system. Hence developer is able to update to newest version just by updating NuGet packages.

One file rule them all

BulldogCMS uses one file technique, which simply means that all code and markup (Razor views) are compiled into one project DLL. It offers simple update workflow for staging as well as production environments and easy backups.

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